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How Much Could Your Stocks Lose in Another Tech Crash?

Does your investment portfolio have more tech than you think? Increasingly, tech drives the world, and no, that’s not a Tesla joke! And there’s no mistaking that as the economy becomes more tech-centric, the stock market becomes increasingly dominated by…
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The 3 Big Risks Investors Face Now

I see three big dangers to your financial security and retirement well-being and income. Risk of a long and deep market crash. Since COVID, stock market valuations have been flying very high. Are we seeing another tech-stock-driven “bubble”? Bubbles always…
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Retirement & Family Wealth Risks

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I am called to do all in my power to get your attention, so you may protect your wealth for you and your family. Family Wealth – The Life Freedom Tool I…
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Do You Need a Camarda Portfolio Stress Test?

Is your portfolio on autopilot? When the markets are good, investors tend to expect blue skies forever. When things turn, there’s a tendency to adopt a “hang in there, it always bounces back” mentality. This buy-and-hold philosophy has become standard…
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Barron’s Top Advisor Rankings: A Cautionary Tale

Barron’s magazine’s annual Top Advisor rankings are intended to help retail investors find reputable financial advisors. However, recent revelations have raised concerns about the effectiveness of these rankings in identifying trustworthy professionals. Several advisors with Barron’s accolades have been involved…
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The Importance of Long-Term Care Insurance: Planning for the Future

Long-term care insurance provides crucial financial assistance for individuals facing cognitive issues or needing help with daily activities. This coverage includes services like personal aides, adult day care, and assisted-living facilities, which Medicare typically doesn’t cover for chronically ill individuals.…
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