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Five Essential Differences Between Camarda & Other Advisors

1. Real Fiduciary

Camarda is a “dedicated fiduciary” advisor. We are legally bound to put your interests first…

We accept no compensation besides the fully disclosed fees. Clients only pay for work they ask us to do. That’s not true for something like 90% of advisors* who are either straight commission, or worse, have both fiduciary and commission licenses. Such advisors may gain your trust as fiduciaries, but perhaps later switch hats, and charge you expensive but hard-to-spot commissions. Camarda doesn’t play that game – what you see is what you get.

*Based on a Report from The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority: 2022 FINRA Industry Snapshot. FINRA. 2022. https://www.finra.org/sites/default/files/2022-03/2022-industry-snapshot.pdf

2. Credentialed & Experienced Advisory Team

Finding any licensed investment advisor is easy – nearly a million folks have securities licenses. We think such licenses are far too easy to get….

No college, experience, or formal education is required. Just a few weeks with a study guide can be enough to pass the first time and be licensed to sell on a commission or fee basis. But how much knowledge can you get in a few weeks?

Finding trustworthy wealth expertise is hard. Even the Certified Financial Planner/CFP® is just an introductory program, not an advanced wealth credential.

Smart wealth is complicated stuff. There’s a lot on the line, including your quality of life, retirement, and family legacy. Getting it right is critically important.

Camarda has PhDs on the team, as well as many advanced credentials, including IRS-admitted tax practitioners, and CFA®s.  Approximately 2% of advisors have the CFA®.* But if you want investment advice, don’t you want a team with recognized expertise?

*Derived from data in a report from The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority: 2022 FINRA Industry Snapshot. FINRA. 2022. https://www.finra.org/sites/default/files/2022-03/2022-industry-snapshot.pdf and a report from Investment Professionals Worldwide Pass CFA Program® Examinations: https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/about/press-releases/2020/investment-professionals-worldwide-pass-cfa-examinations

3. Total Wealth Care™

Finding a CFA®-grade fiduciary advisor is hard enough. Finding a team expert in the other things you probably care about…

…like tax reduction strategy, estate planning and trust design, asset protection, real estate, insurance, and business planning, is even harder to find. Luckily, you found us!

The Camarda Group is experienced and knowledgeable in all these areas, and more. And we do it all in-house.* One quarterback, one team, one systematized, completely integrated wealth management process.

You may have struggled in the past with finding a depth and bandwidth of expertise, but not here.

*Camarda is affiliated through common ownership and control with TaxMaster.US, LLC (“TaxMaster”), a consulting firm providing estate planning, business planning, insurance consulting, tax services, accounting, and/or other non-investment advisory services to its clients and Family Wealth Education Institute (“FWEI”), an educational company, offering wealth education content to consumers and advisors. We will share information regarding you and your relationship with us between our affiliated companies and may market products or services to you based on personal information collected or compiled by any of our affiliated entities. This information may include, among other relevant eligibility information, your income, your account history with us, insurance, tax information, estate planning or other needs revealed through financial planning, consulting or other advisory services, and/or other financial information revealed during meetings with us.

4. Proactive Portfolio Management

Many advisors are religiously buy-and-hold or have similar passive strategies that make no effort to get out of the way of major market meltdowns. But if you’re hit with a bear market in or near retirement, wealth can be erased forever…

We think that can be a big mistake.

While the market’s long-term trend is generally up, sometimes severe plunges occur which can be devastating – especially in or near retirement. A frequent investor complaint after such plunges is “my advisor did nothing to protect me.”

In contrast, we are extremely proactive managers. We watch the markets closely on an ongoing basis. We stand ready to make the moves we feel necessary to both optimize results and avoid losses.

Our objective?

Strong portfolio growth – with proactive management.

5. Consistent National Recognition

With decades of experience, Camarda is proud to have been repeatedly featured and ranked in many notable publications…

  • Ranked “Top Advisor” by Barron’s

    • Ranking was provided by Barron’s, a Dow Jones Company, to Camarda most recently on March 14, 2020, based on data through September 30, 2019. Camarda did not pay for this recognition.
  • Ranked “Top Advisor” by Forbes

    • Ranking was provided by Forbes Media LLC and Shook Research LLC, to Camarda most recently on April 7, 2022, based on data as of June 30, 2021. Camarda did not pay for this recognition.
  • Ranked “Top Advisor” by FA Magazine

    • Ranking was provided by Financial Advisor Magazine to Camarda most recently on July 14, 2023, based on data as of December 31, 2022. Camarda did not pay for this recognition.
  • Amazon Best Seller, The Financial Storm Warning for Investors.

    • Jeff’s latest book predicted much of the 2020s economic turmoil years before it happened.
    • Rating was provided by Amazon in February 2022 based on book sales as of February 28, 2022.  Camarda did not pay for this recognition.
  • Award-winning Financial Academic Researcher

    • Award was provided by the Academy of Financial Services to Camarda in October 2016 for the 2016 award year. Camarda did not pay for this recognition.
  • Former Contributing Writer for Forbes and Wall Street Journal

  • Author of Numerous Financial Articles and Whitepapers

  • Interviewed or Quoted Numerous Times by Financial Media and Publications such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, & Barron’s Advisor  

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Camarda Wealth is a fiduciary investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a Federally regulated advisor, we serve clients across the United States.

Camarda provides comprehensive wealth management. This includes full service financial planning, advice on investments, estate/trust, tax, retirement planning and income generation, asset protection, insurance, real estate, business management and transition, and much more.

All advice is on a strict fiduciary, no commission basis.

Our wholly owned affiliate TaxMaster™ offers tax reduction planning, tax law research and returns preparation, legal advice including trust design and documents, and other sophisticated non-securities wealth management services, also on a strictly fiduciary basis.

As you learn about Camarda, we think you’ll discover we’re quite different, and well worth getting to know.

We’re proud to offer our credentialed expertise, pure fiduciary focus on your best interests, and suite of in-house wealth services – including portfolio, tax, estate/trust, and much, much more.

We’re glad you found us, and look forward to getting to know you.

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