The Plain Truth About Annuities

Camarda Wealth Education Series, Written by Dr. Jeff Camarda

Annuities sound great, with guarantees and high interest, but too much of this can sometimes prove too good to be true. Before getting stuck in an expensive wealth trap,
get the facts to make a smarter decision on buying or keeping annuities.

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Not All Annuities Are Created Equally. Make An Informed Decision.

  • If you are pitched an annuity, there’s probably a big commission that’s hard to spot but comes right out of your account. Learn how to smoke out expensive commissions even when the sales rep says, “You pay no commissions! I’m paid directly by the company!”
  • Tax rates on annuities are the highest in the investment world, there’s no step up and taxes are “front-loaded” due to LIFO treatment. Learn to avoid excessive annuity taxes to maximize your family wealth.
  • Annuity guarantees may be weaker than you hope, based on life insurance company strength and the safety of investments they make – which are getting a lot riskier for many companies. Educate yourself on how to avoid these risks that can drag your wealth down with them!
  • ​Surrender charges, market value adjustments, cap rates, par rates, and much more can not only confuse you but kill your rates of return. Learn how to navigate these extremely complicated contracts to protect yourself and grow your wealth!

Download our FREE Annuity Guide and learn how to evaluate annuities based on commission rates, internal fees, tax implications, estimated returns, and more. 

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