Strategic Asset
Protection Planning

Protect Your Family Wealth from Lawsuits, Financial Predators, & Kids’ Divorce

Losing family wealth to lawsuits, children’s divorces, or other financial attacks can be financially devastating. Surprisingly, most successful families are extremely exposed – and don’t know it.

You may have noticed that most other advisors don’t seem to understand that Asset Protection is a critical practice area, but with so much at stake, you may feel this is a fatal mistake.

As part of our Total Wealth CareTM process, we’ll help identify dangerous exposures to loss that your other advisors may have left you completely unaware of.

Asset protection planning is cost effective, simple, fast, and easy – if you get and take the right advice before a threat emerges. If you don’t and a lawsuit appears, there may be nothing you can do.

also, Our headquarters state, Florida, is widely regarded as having some of the strongest asset protection laws in the US, including Charging Order Protected LLC opportunities Camarda can facilitate for client protection.

We’ll advise you on simple but effective structures to help protect your wealth and let you sleep easy. All are part of the standard Camarda service.