The Financial Storm Warning for Investors

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Jeff wrote Financial Storm over the 2020 holidays, between semesters at Georgetown Law. As COVID spread, Jeff made a number of startling predictions, including a surge in inflation, rising interest rates, growing geopolitical tensions including conflict with Russia and China, stock & bond market crashes, big tax hikes, and more. First shared in his Forbes advanced wealth column, his forecasts got so much attention that he was motivated to write another book.

Camarda’s book offers a wealth of advanced solutions, on tax reduction, portfolio conservation, intergenerational wealth preservation, asset protection, tactics to manage and profit from hyperinflation, retirement planning and income generation, and much, much more.

The many solutions in the book reflect the bedrock of the sophisticated “family office” advice the Camarda team works hard to deliver to clients every day.

An Amazon bestseller* in its category shortly after release, it’s earned a constellation of five-star reviews, a few of which are excerpted and copied below.

*Camarda did not pay for this recognition. The rating was provided by Amazon in February 2022 based on book sales as of February 28, 2022.

Must Read!!! – Excellent book that is a must read for anyone who cares about their wealth. The author brings meaningful insight and a lifetime of experience to the reader. You will learn important and actionable information that will help grow and protect your wealth. Once you pick it up you will not put it down!”

Magnum Opus of a great financial planner – If I could have only one guide for my family’s legacy through what’s ahead, this is it.”

Timely Information – Very Informational from a seasoned professional financial expert. Highly recommend this book.”

Very Relevant Info Right Now!!! – The information covered is amazing. I am glad I was able to read it during the current economic landscape and prepare myself and my portfolio for the future.”

Very timely. A must read – Excellent guidance on how to protect your family wealth.”

Wealth of Knowledge – Expertly written and a wealth of information. A must read.”

He’s brilliant – Covers all areas we need to “know” about and prepare for.”

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All About Camarda Wealth

Welcome to Camarda Wealth! Our brochure unveils the full spectrum of our fee-only fiduciary services, extending far beyond managing your investment portfolio. Get ready to explore personalized strategies, comprehensive financial planning, tax optimization, asset protection, and more. With decades of experience, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to putting your best interests first, always. It’s time to take charge of your financial future and embrace the holistic approach to wealth management. Download this brochure for free now to read more about us and plenty of useful tips along the way.

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Screening for Smart Advisors You Can Trust

Discover the surprising hidden dangers that could threaten your retirement and wealth. In this exclusive report drawn from published academic research, we share tips on how to find the right financial advisor for you and your family. Learn how to avoid hidden risks and red flags with simple “real fiduciary” tests to protect your interests. Plus, get a FREE Advisor Report Card to grade your current advisor. This must-read guide is a special report from Dr. Jeff Camarda’s latest book, The Financial Storm Warning for Investors. Don’t miss out on the crucial information you need to secure your financial future.

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Advanced Estate Planning & Tax Control

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