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Market Update: May 20th, 2024

IN THE MARKETS The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index, and Nasdaq Composite climbed to record highs during the week, with the Dow crossing the 40,000 threshold for the first time. As inflation and interest rate worries appeared to…
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Barron’s Top Advisor Rankings: A Cautionary Tale

Barron’s magazine’s annual Top Advisor rankings are intended to help retail investors find reputable financial advisors. However, recent revelations have raised concerns about the effectiveness of these rankings in identifying trustworthy professionals. Several advisors with Barron’s accolades have been involved…
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tax control

Advanced Estate Planning & Tax Control

Warning! Federal Estate Taxes can take nearly half of applicable family wealth, and are likely going much higher as the 21st Century progresses. If your family wealth is a few million to lots more, you are probably very exposed and…
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wealth masterclass

Trust & Estate Planning Critical Principals

Dr. Camarda teamed up with “Super Lawer” John Crawford to teach the critical principals of effective family trust design and estate planning. Watch the video class to learn why trusts are so important even for the most basic estates, and…
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taxes in retirement

Taxes in Retirement

Taxes may represent your greatest retirement risk, slashing spendable income and possibly increasing the chances of running out of money too soon. Dig into our taxes in retirement webinar, learn what risks you face and what tax control tactics –…
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Advanced Tax Control

High and growing taxes probably represent one of the greatest threats to your wealth, retirement freedom, and financial security. Click in for our informative video class on smart tax and how to use tax law to legally reduce taxes and…
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Super 401K Tax

We were asked to develop a video class for physicians on the “super 401k” concept, which works just as well for non-health care business owners with the right tax profile. Regular 401(k)s are part of a tax-deductible retirement plan class…
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Advanced Retirement Planning

Please have a look at my Advanced Retirement Planning Video Class. Designed for investors with $500K+, we think we’ve delivered  some very advanced-level education in a fun, understandable format that provides actionable steps to supercharge your wealth. If you’ve got…
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