Business Owner Planning

& Liquidity Event Guidance

As business owners ourselves, Camarda knows how to maximize the wealth power of family businesses. We can show you how to capture valuable opportunities other advisors may have missed.

Unlocking Business Success: Our Comprehensive Services for Business Owners

  • Tax Control: Maximizing tax efficiency to optimize your financial strategy
  • Asset Protection: Safeguarding your assets from potential risks and legal challenges
  • Structuring Sales: Guidance for successful sales and acquisitions
  • Succession Planning: Smooth transitions with or without family involvement
  • Capital Negotiation: Navigating capital acquisition for business expansion
  • ERISA Liability Mitigation: Ensuring your 401k plan adheres to regulations and minimizes risk
We can also help protect your business from being lost to lawsuits and unprotected attacks.

For instance, you may have plenty of liability insurance if the business is sued, but what about losing the business itself if you are sued personally? Many business owners are not advised that assets like LLCs or S-corp stock can be dangerously exposed to lawsuits and judgments. The same applies to business and investment real estate.

We can show you how to harden your assets to take such low-hanging fruit off the table and protect it– simply and inexpensively. Give Camarda’s Total Wealth CareTM a try, and see how our deep expertise extends to complicated business planning, and seamlessly folding it into your overall family wealth planning.

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In many cases, our advice can cut business owners’ income and estate tax by literal millions or more. If you wish, we can show you how to keep your business in the family for generations or structure a tax-controlled sale – all while minimizing or completely avoiding capital gains and estate taxes.