Real Estate Investment & Transaction

Camarda also has deep expertise in commercial and residential rental real estate, including development. Founder Jeff Camarda flipped his first house in 1982, developed a residential portfolio of about one hundred mostly single-family houses from scratch, developed multiple projects, and holds a real estate Broker’s license.

Advice ranges from evaluating proposed loans and refi’s, to analyzing returns and advising on the wisdom of buying or selling specific investments.

Most importantly, our advice can be key to unlocking missed deductions and optimizing tax consequences to compound family wealth. In the right fact patterns, we can even share powerful tax strategies to defer and even completely avoid capital gains, including on depreciated properties. Such advice can prove far more effective than the mere tax deferral of “1031” exchanges.

As a critical family wealth asset class, Camarda knows real estate and stands ready to help our clients get the most from it.

We can help with decisions from basic financing and transacting a primary residence, to complicated decisions on developing or liquidating real estate investment portfolios.